Frequently Asked Questions That Will Save You Time!

What is so special about the Smartphone?

Today's smartphone is 100,000x faster than the computer that landed man on the moon on July 20, 1969. Costly activities that once took hours, now takes just seconds. Your Agent will meet you only when you request to see or inspect homes in person. All you need is a phone or internet access.

How do I get started?

Simply reach out to us by chatbox or complete form below to receive step-by-step instructions.

1. When you are ready, a local smartphone real estate agent will contact you and you will be asked to sign electronically a Real Estate Disclosure Form acknowledging that you understand is a licensed real estate company.

2. Upon receipt, you will receive instructions on signing electronically a Representation agreement that guarantees your $5000-$50,000 at closing.

3. Upon receipt, you will be assigned a licensed smartphone agent and contact to work with you.

4. You will receive instructions to register access to our client portal.

5. You will continue to communicate with your agent via Smartphone, video, text, email, and client portal.

It's that easy!

How does this work for buyers? incentivizes you to use your Smartphone or Internet to save time for everyone. This allows our smartphone agents to OUTPERFORM traditional agents in speed, quality, transparency, and guarantees. We can deliver result in a fraction of the time that traditional real estate agents charge to be "on call".

For Buyers: We guarantee you $5000-$50,000 cashback of the commission we earn less a fee per showing or meeting which is determined by price and market condition. Your agent will disclose the exact fee per meeting before signing a Representation contract.

As a seller, how does this work for me?

When you sell your house with NoDiscount®, you will be guaranteed a sale price. If we fail to deliver on the sale price, we will pay you $5000-$50,000 from the commission we charge. It's that simple!

Is it legal to pay me $5000-$50,000?

Absolutely! Most real estate companies can't offer our guarantees because their business models are 10-70 years old. Not only is it legal but the United States Government through the U.S. Department of Justice and the FTC have been fighting for consumers since 2005 to have this day. The battle and confusion between discount brokers, limited service brokers, and full service brokers are over with the advent of ON-DEMAND services via your mobile phones. Now, virtually every aspect of the home buying and selling process can be delivered in real-time.

Do I have the same access to MLS properties and buyers as traditional real estate companies?

Absolutely! You have access to the same properties and buyers across thousands of real estate Websites. Our proprietary process actually brings more buyers to every home we sell.

What is the mission and purpose of

Our mission and purpose began in 2003 when the internet was relatively new and slow. We began by asking the simple question, “How do we make home buying and selling easier, faster, and safer for all?” The answer: It's in Your Phone®

*Chat with us by clicking at the bottom left of your screen or Fill out form below to receive your customized report on how we can guarantee $5000-$50,000 more!

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It's in Your Phone®

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